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How do young people spend their free time on the internet?

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The technological boom has greatly affected all generations, but especially the youngest. We decided to find out to what extent young people's online time and their free time are affected during the pandemic. We contacted more than 4,000 respondents and investigated whether the pandemic affected the amount of time younger generations spend on the Internet.

After evaluating our research, we found that young people aged 13-24 spend an average of 40 minutes more time online in their free time compared to the period before the pandemic. In addition to the average time spent on the Internet in free time, we also gained many other interesting insights. We found out what content our respondents are looking for, which online platforms are their most popular, which devices they use most and much more.

In addition to the expected results, we also got a few surprising ones, which are guaranteed to find their use either when planning content on YouTube or when building a marketing strategy. We have processed our findings together with recommendations into a clear graphic form and we believe that they will be useful both for YouTube creators and marketers.

Survey content:

1. Amount of time spent online before and during the pandemic.

2. The most used online platforms.

3. Most used devices.

4. What content do young people watch most often?

5. How long is the content that the young generation watches most often?

6. What is the nature of the content that young people watch most often?

7. Recommendations for creators.

8. Recommendations for marketers.

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