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Get more subscribers with YouTube Stories

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You can also find the very popular video format known as Instagram stories on YouTube. Stories on YouTube have already been adopted by many creators and it has been confirmed that regular story creation promotes channel growth. We have therefore decided to prepare a short guide to YouTube Stories and a list of benefits that their use brings.

• How do YouTube Stories work?

• What are the features of YouTube Stories?

• Benefits of YouTube Stories to help you grow


If you have ever created at least one story on some online platform, then you will have no problem with the YouTube Stories function and you will learn to work with it very quickly and intuitively. However, even though the user interface is very similar to that of other social networks, YouTube stories are somewhat different from others.

First of all, it is very important to mention that YouTube stories can only be used through the YouTube mobile app. The feature was designed mainly as another way for the creator to communicate with the audience, which also confirms the rule that makes YouTube Stories available only to YouTubers with 10,000+ subscribers.


While stories on other platforms fulfill the role quick information that disappears after 24 hours or less, YouTube decided to choose a different strategy. The video platform adapted its stories so that they remain public for up to 7 days after publication. Stories stay public for longer, reaching a wider audience and reaching new potential fans. The Stories you create should appear in the mobile app in your channel as a new "Stories" tab. Conversely, subscribers can see your stories in different places in the app.


YouTube Stories can appear to them on the Subscriptions page, the Home page, and even on some pages below the video. You can view your own story by clicking your profile photo in the Stories section of your mobile home page or Subscriptions page.


YouTube Stories have several features that you can take full advantage of. Some functions you will already know well from Instagram, but among them we will also find some that are adapted to be relevant for YouTube.


In YouTube Stories you will find functions such as tagging people, adding location or stickers. We already know these functions from Instagram, but they are somewhat different. On YouTube, tagging people works a little differently. While on Instagram you can tag any user in a story,only YouTube channels can be tagged in YouTube Stories. Tagging in stories can also be very well used for various collaborations between creators.


TIP: If you make a video in collaboration with another YouTuber, be sure to let your fans know about it via a YouTube Story and tag your fellow creator. In this way, you will help each other in spreading your channel to a wider audience and increase the chance of getting new subscribers.


In the case of Instagram stories, we are familiar with the "Swipe up" function, thanks to which we can insert an external link into the video, which can be visited by any user. YouTube chose a slightly different strategy and instead of the "Swipe up" function, it added the option to share the video. This allows creators to share videos they've made themselves or support other creators by sharing their videos. This is a great feature to get discovered by brand new viewers and potential subscribers.



We're quite used to likes and comments on YouTube videos, but it's less common in stories. What is their meaning? Likes and comments in YouTube Stories serve exactly the same purpose as under a video. Through them we get very important feedback from viewers.


TIP: If any type of stories you regularly create has more likes and comments than other concepts, then you should include more stories in your creation , which have a positive response from viewers.


An excellent feature that is characteristic of YouTube Stories is the ability to reply to comments using stories. You can use it, for example, in the case when the same question is repeated many times in stories comments, and instead of responding to each comment separately, you can choose a specific one and answer it directly through stories.


TIP: The function can also be used to get closer to the community. Invite your audience in the story to write their questions in the comments and answer them directly with other stories.



Whether you have only recently started creating stories or you create them regularly, remember that whenever you start something new on YouTube, it is important to make an evaluation and monitor how the experiment is going. Only then will you find out what works on your channel and what to create in order to grow. This also applies to YouTube Stories. Monitor how your stories are doing, how many likes, comments and views they have.

In the mobile YouTube application you will find a very simple analysis of your YouTube Stories, which will help you decide what content to create. You can find the function in the mobile application in the Home section, just scroll through the page and you should see the story statistics between the first videos.


Each analysis will give you the number of views your stories have achieved as well as the number of subscribers you have gained thanks to YouTube Stories. You can also find more brief information about your YouTube Stories in the YouTube studio in the Content section.


TIP:Think about why some stories are more successful than others and create more stories with a positive response.


It only takes a moment to create a 15-second video in the mobile app, but it can help you grow your YouTube channel in the long run. Let's take a look at how YouTube Stories can help you on your way to a successful channel.


YouTube Stories were specifically designed for the online platform to add value to creators, and it really works. YouTube Stories make it easy for creators to communicate with their audience and help them gain new followers. It was confirmed that YouTubers who actively used the stories function gained an average of 8.5% more subscribers compared to creators who did not use stories.

We observed for ourselves the impact of using YouTube Stories on the growth of the channel. We set aside a period when we were actively creating stories and closely monitoring the statistics. After two weeks, we recorded an increase of 563 subscribers in the given period, of which 59 subscribers were acquired thanks to YouTube Stories. In our case, it was not 8.5%, but even more than 10% increase in subscriptions. The numbers speak for themselves, there is no reason to wait, you can create your first story in the mobile app in the create section.



A big advantage of YouTube Stories is that each story contains a "subscribe" button, which opens up more possibilities for you to get new fans. For now, the button is accessible closest to our Czech neighbors, but we expect it to arrive in Slovakia soon. In addition to the fact that stories contain a call to subscribe, their additional advantage is that they remain published for 7 days, during which they are not only visible to your subscribers, but also to all users based on the algorithm. The more people who see your stories, the more likely they will be shown to people who can become your new viewers. Take advantage of YouTube Stories and create a story where you introduce your new video and get the attention of potential subscribers.


TIP: Instead of resharing of your new video using the VIDEO sticker in YouTube Stories, try creating a short trailer that you post in the story and reach users to come to your channel to watch the full video.


Acquiring new fans is very important for the growth of the channel, but it is equally important to maintain a close relationship with current subscribers. YouTube Stories are also a great tool for getting closer to your community. Show your loyal fans "behind the scenes" footage from the video shoot, chat via QnA or regularly respond in stories to their comments.

YouTube Stories can be a definite asset on your way to a successful YouTube channel. Use this tool wisely and always monitor how your stories are doing so that you can use the full potential of YouTube Stories. We believe that with this article we have encouraged you to create YouTube Stories, and soon using them will bring you many new subscribers. In case of further questions or interest in YouTube consulting, do not hesitate to contact us. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you and good luck on your YouTube journey.

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