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Our story began on YouTube in 2013. We were intrigued by the opportunity to deliver content to audiences using optimization techniques, well-crafted content strategy, and channel configuration. With each successful strategy, our confidence grew, and we realized that our approach was effective.

Our clients

Our values
Partner first.
Challenge? No sweat.
Heart & mind in sync.
How did it all begin?
Estabilishment of our
Youtube network ✍️
vidadu = video, advertisement & you.
50﹢channels 🎉
First results and 50 thrilled partners.
One billion down 🤯
In a single year, our partners soared to their first billion views across all channels.
150﹢channels ▶️
Breaking boundaries, we extend our reach to foreign channels alongside our domestic ones. We proudly distribute our content across 150+ channels!
Green screen
studio 🎥
Building a professional green screen studio that unleashes limitless creativity. From productions to interactive workshops or events, there is no limit to what we can create.
Talent management
& VidaduTV 🤝
From talent management to first brand collaborations, topped off with the exciting launch of VidaduTV channel, it's been a year filled with creative milestones.
The civic association
'Vidadu helps' ❤️
The establishment of our civil association 'Vidadu helps', the first charity stream and 100,000 subscribers of the VidaduTV channel.
30+ exclusive
partners 🚀
Collaboration management and influencer marketing for more than 30 of our talents.
€1 million turnover in
influencer marketing
collaborations 💸
80% increase compared to 2020!
Q1 2022
New visual identity
and website 💻
A fresh rebrand into new colors and shapes. Our brand strategy is now finely defined, while our website is vibrant and clear.
Q2 2022
60+ exclusive
partners 🔥
Our partner portfolio continues to expand, welcoming 30 more talented creators to our family.

Our community

We excel in bringing creators together and fostering an inspiring community. Whether at work, sipping coffee or partying, we're on the same wavelength.

Building foundations on trust

Trust and personalized approach are paramount to us, as they have enabled us to build a multi-channel network comprising of over 200 profiles.

Vidadu Space

You will not find stereotypes with us. Among other things, our studio gave birth to the unique vidaduTV channel, which adds a touch of excitement to our otherwise busy workdays. We also offer our Green Screen studio for rent, providing creators with the opportunity to shoot advertisements, music videos, and even film scenes.
Civic association Vidadu helps consistently provides assistance where it is needed, because there is never enough help to give. From charity streams to contributions for animals in need, we are dedicated to making a difference. Our happiness manager, Chorche, wholeheartedly approves this message.


Embracing the tones

We are excited that these events are gradually becoming a tradition with us - every year we strive to contribute a certain amount to the charity event "Objatie tónov" (Embrace the tones) for mentally disabled individuals.
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