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What impact does influencer marketing have on young people's buying behaviour?

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If you haven't used influencer marketing before, it's time to change. The power of influencer marketing is constantly growing and its effectiveness is confirmed by several studies. We were interested in how influencer marketing works in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Does it have the same power as in the USA or other countries of the world? How do young people perceive this marketing trend? Therefore, we created a unique survey in which over 1,400 respondents took part and we investigated their attitude towards influencer marketing.

After evaluating the survey, we came to very interesting findings, such as that up to 67.2% of young people believe the opinions of the influencers they follow. In addition to the fact that respondents trust influencers, they also buy from them regularly. Up to 53.6% of respondents have already made a purchase based on an influencer's recommendation, and up to 58 .3% of young people returned to the brand recommended by the influencer to make a purchase.

The survey contains many interesting and especially current findings, which we have clearly processed for your needs. We believe that the survey will be helpful for you, and if you are interested in creating an influencer campaign, do not hesitate to contact us contact.

Survey content:

1. Credibility of influencers.

2. How young people perceive the promotion of products and services by influencers.

3. Sensitivity to a lot of influencer ads.

4. The importance of labeling ads.

5. The amount of purchases that influencer marketing brings.

6. Amount of regular customers brought by influencer marketing.

7. Relationship of the influencer to the product or service.

8. Recommendations for brands.

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