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Are you interested in social media trends for 2023? Here they are 👇🏻

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Social networks experienced many turbulent moments in 2022.

What trends await us in 2023 on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, only 🔮 knows. Well, that didn't deter us from giving it a shot. In this article, we bring you some solid and realistic changes that await us in the next 12 months on the most popular social networks.


The trend of short videos continues next year, and the most anticipated change is YouTube Shorts. Monetization of short videos is slowly taking shape, and YouTube creators have something to look forward to!

The first trend is (unexpectedly) YouTube Shorts

The concept of short and snappy videos has gained enormous popularity, especially among generation Z, thanks to TikTok. And of course YouTube is not far behind. Monetization of Shorts is intended to inspire creators to also shoot short format videos for their channel.

15 seconds. Nothing more, nothing less. Ideal.

In 2022, YouTube Shorts recorded up to 1.5 billion active users. If you want to compare it with the first year of TikTok, their videos were "only" popular with 1 billion users . YouTube is also customizing the look and feel of the site and app to make Shorts more accessible to users and easier to use.
A YouTube Shorts monetization plan has been prepared for creators since the beginning of 2023. If you are more interested in this topic, we wrote a blog on Earn with Shorts.


Live Streams

In total, streams retain up to 6 times more interaction than "ordinary videos". According to statistics, users watch live broadcasts three times longer than pre-recorded content.
Live broadcasts they gained the most popularity precisely during the lockdown and this trend seems to continue. A live broadcast can easily be a concert, a cultural performance, a lecture, but also YouTube streaming or gaming.

So what? Are you going to do it?

Content creation conventions

The last trend is perhaps a bit different, but also very important. In the last year, YouTube has made a few changes and improvements, but these two are the most important:

1. Chapters

The YouTube video is divided into sections according to the topic. The user can very easily go to a specific minute, where there is content that interests him the most. The advantage of using this function is also an easier search via Google.
Example:  If chapter 2 of your video is titled Video Monetization, and someone googles those keywords, they are more likely to come across your video when it is broken down into chapters. Because google redirects it straight to your video, to chapter 2. Wuala.

2. Premieres

Premieres are simply a mix of traditional YouTube videos and Live broadcasts. Premieres basically allow a creator to interact with the audience live while watching one of their own videos.


TikTok has had the largest share of trends in the last year across all platforms. They evaluated the situation and behavior of people, cultural changes and wuala. The report of future trends is out in the world. If you want to be ahead of your content, read on...

The 3 most important trend circuits in 2023 are: 

Action entertainment - tailored content that inspires people to act

Suggested content on TikTok has a main role - it should be fun and attention-grabbing.


Creating space for joy

According to TikTok, people take videos on the platform as part of "selfcare" in the constant cycle of responsibilities, work burnout and personal problems.


and the latest trend is Community ideals

,,Communities on the TikTok platform not only support and connect people based on their shared interests. They are also supposed to inspire users to change," TikTok said.


Brands and companies are also slowly getting on the TikTok wave. We can follow a trend where companies present not only their products, but they actively involve the whole team in short videos, interact with the audience and respond to their comments. They just keep up with the times. And they're cool.
TikTok has said that it wants to continue to support content that improves people mood, amuse them, relax them or even take away some "life hack".

Btw how many things do you have just because of TikTok recommendation?

Hashtags #StoryTime, #POV, #GrowthMindset and #Advice achieve the best success, which means that people really appreciate a like-minded community and content that will provide them with added value in addition to a good mood.

Negooglia young people. Up to 40% of Gen Z young people use TikTok instead of Google to search for relevant information. TikTok's algorithm adapts the results to them not only according to their interests, but also according to the popularity of individual videos. Therefore, it is much more favorable for Gen Z to search through TikTok or Instagram.


Facebook has had a rough year. Even though he is experiencing a minor identity crisis, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that 2023 will see big changes for the company. So what can we expect from the pilot social network?

You are no longer the king of your main page

Get ready for even more recommended content on your Feed. Up to 40% of posts will be from profiles and pages you don't follow.
This trend works successfully on Tiktok, where an algorithm selects a mix of content based on your behavior that you should probably like.

Content from your friends is paramount…

Connecting with family and friends has been a main goal of Facebook since its inception. Mark promises that content from your friends will always come first, and thus should beat even the suggestion algorithm. This is evidenced by the update, where you can choose whether you are only interested in content from your friends - in Feeds, or if you want to discover suggested content via Home.



Facebook is also desperately trying to motivate and excite people with the metaverse. Have you created your own digital persona yet? You can dress your avatar stylishly, or buy him special outfits.

Another successful product is the collaboration with Ray-Ban. Together, they created ,,Stories Ray-Ban", which, in addition to a stylish frame, also hide two small cameras. Using the glasses you can control music, take a photo or record a video. And that with just one touch.

,,Capture the world from the angle from which you see it.”

The uploaded files are automatically saved in your gallery and you can then easily share them on your social networks. If you are interested in this gadget, prepare about 499 euros.



The fact that 2022 was very critical for the platform, when it is slowly losing its identity and trying to resemble other social networks more, is completely obvious to us. So what does Instagram want to focus on in the coming year and maybe step out of the shadow of the famous TikTok?
If you prefer to enjoy the video form, the head of Instagram - Adam Mosseri will tell you everything you need to know about trends 2023 on Instagram.

Arouse creativity in people.

You can learn creativity. And Instagram will give you everything you need.

Remember all those filters and crazy frames we used to take for granted when posting? So, the first mission of the Instagram platform is to provide creative tools to fine-tune the perfect photo. In addition to AR technologies, we can also expect the integration of 3D objects.

Helping people discover the things they love

We are used to seeing posts from profiles that interest us and follow them on our main page. However, Instagram wants to change this. Its goal is to connect as many unknown people as possible and discover new profiles.

However, he realizes that it is a huge risk. It means changing user behavior on the platform. Its biggest competitor, TikTok, is doing well. Based on your behavior and interests, it recommends content that you should like. As a result, it is much more difficult to tear yourself away from the display of your smartphone.

Connect people

More and more people interact through DMs and stories. This is also evidenced by key updates such as the hearts of stories. We understand the power of social platforms, so we don't share everything on our profile like we used to. We value our privacy. Or at least we have created Close friends.

Also a new feature is "Notes", which allows users to share short messages with each other. They will appear as a bubble, in the form of stories in the DMs section.


Social networks often seem like the wild west - constant changes on platforms or new trends.
For marketers and companies, however, it is a great opportunity to experiment with content and find exactly the magic mix that works best for a specific audience.

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