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Vidadu is baaack! Finally.

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Two years. That is the time for which Vidadu was withdrawn from the Internet and from the surface of the earth. No new videos, news, blogs, and especially no meeting with our beloved partners. We missed it. Very.

It was important for us to start everything in a big way. To thank our partners for their patience, the vidada team for their good work and also you, our followers, for not resenting Vidada even after 2 years and still wondering when we will finally be back. We saw it. Every single message, note, comment. We thank you.

And so we organized Vidada CUP. And at the end of September, we met with our exclusive partners in one place, and together we spent 3 busy days.


I wish we could record the atmosphere for you on YouTube... Oh, actually … We were live.. 

We talked a lot, had fun - about work, but also about life and the experiences we had during the two years. There were an infinity of them.

And finally, our partners were divided into 6 teams and competed with each other. Each team fought all the time for one non-profit organization for which they decided in advance. And the point?

All the donations you sent us on the Live Stream went to a good cause. We from Vidad added just as much and sent Animal Freedom, for which fought by the Cripple Crew. Peter, Alex. Denko, Astatoro, Matoboost, congratulations once again!

Which team did you keep your fingers crossed for?


They tested their physicality, ingenuity, speed, team spirit and creativity in answering questions, such as Which country has a unicorn as its national animal? Do you know? So wait, I'll give you three options: Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, and Scotland. If you answered Dominican Republic, then you are wrong. It's Scotland… 

We broadcast a live stream on YouTube, where Duklock helped us as the main moderator. He gave it all the flair and vibe you're used to at Vidado. Thank you Dušan! During the event, we filmed a variety of content with our partners, so don't worry, we're not keeping the experience just for ourselves. Expect new videos soon on our YouTube

But we will let you know everything in time on our Instagram and TikTok . So check if you have a follow everywhere. You don't want to miss something new. Or?

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