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5 tipov, ktoré ti pomôžu preraziť na sociálnych sieťach!

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In today's digital world, where competition keeps growing, you might be wondering why you can't engage your audience. It is important to understand the basic principles of digital marketing, and that is why we bring you some tips on how to strengthen your place in the online world.

The art of attracting attention

Do you know what "attention span" is? It is time spent focusing until a distraction arrives. Our attention span for longer videos decreased in 2023 from 2.5 minutes to 47 seconds. With short, 30-second videos, we stop concentrating after just three seconds, but the younger generation has even greater problems with maintaining attention. Gen Z will hold the attention of ads on social networks for only 1.3 seconds.

It follows that the basis of success is to attract attention in the first three seconds of your video. Say something shocking or do something funny at the beginning, because if a viewer watches the first 3 seconds of your video, they are very likely to watch it to the end. Create content that resonates with your audience and motivates them to interact. If you want to read more about attention span, click here. 


Choosing the right platform and target group

Not every type of business is suitable for all social platforms. It is important that you understand where your target group is. You determine the target group according to categories such as age, work, hobby, place of stay... Create an example of an ideal customer based on these categories. It is also called a customer persona. Once you know your audience, it will be easier for you to figure out how to present and communicate your brand.

For example, B2B businesses may have more success on LinkedIn or YouTube, while consumer-facing brands may do better on Instagram or TikTok. If you don't know what B2B businesses are, click on this article or to this article and you will learn more.

The Golden Circle: Why, How and What

Simon Sinek in his book "Start with the question why" presented a concept of logical thinking called the Golden Circle. This concept is that you first define your "Why". Most companies start with the question "What", but the most successful ones ask the question "Why" first. Why do you want to create this type of content? Why do you want to present this particular brand? Why should people follow you?

With the question "How" you define concrete steps to your "Why", your strengths and values. "How" is also used to explain that you are better than the competition. Your "What" is the easiest to identify because it is the products or services that you offer.


How to make short videos

When creating videos, it is also important to distinguish which video format is suitable for a given platform. Short videos that should not be longer than a few seconds are suitable for your Instagram, or minutes. Short videos on social networks should be funny, emotional or thoughtful and inspiring. The first seconds of your video are the most important. Don't forget to create videos with the majority of people watching them without sound. That's why it's important to add subtitles to the video or give the video a good description, from which the user will know what the video is about. is a. Users will only turn on the sound if your video is engaging enough.

Add longer videos to your YouTube channel and then share the link on your social networks. You can read more about how to start your YouTube channel in our article. ⬇️

Optimization as the key to continuous improvement

Optimization is the process of adjusting or adjusting a system to achieve maximum efficiency. In the field of digital marketing, optimization refers to improving performance strong> websites, advertising campaigns or content based on data analysis and user behavior analysis.

Analyze where and how long viewers stay with your content and use this information to improve it. Once you understand what your audience is most interested in, you know what content to focus on.

Success in digital marketing is not about chance, it is about strategy, understanding and constant optimization. Define your 'Why', choose the right platforms and constantly optimize. With this approach, you will achieve success and expand your reach in the digital world.

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