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YouTube Shorts to help you grow your channel

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In the YouTube mobile application, you may have noticed a new category of videos called "shorts". They are videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds and are similar to the now very well-known Tik Tok content. Even though the YouTube Shorts beta creator app is currently only available in India, you can watch and create short videos on YouTube without needing the app. We'll show you how you can create YouTube Shorts without the beta app and how these short videos will help you grow your channel.

• What are YouTube Shorts?

Create YouTube Shorts even without the beta application

 YouTube Shorts help you grow


YouTubeShorts are short vertical videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds that can be liked, commented, or shared. Like YouTube Stories, they are only displayed on the mobile app. However, unlike stories, short videos can only be seen on the home page of the YouTube app.

The great news is thatYouTube Shorts can be uploaded by any creator regardless of the number of subscribers. , which brings an excellent opportunity to smaller YouTubers who, thanks to short videos, can reach a wider audience. Another advantage of YouTube Shorts is that theyinclude a subscribe button that makes it easy for you to get new fans. The format of short videos of maximum 60 seconds has proven itself on Tik Tok, on Instagram in the form of Reels and we see its potential in the form of YouTube Shorts, it just needs to be grasped correctly.


Although the YouTube Shorts beta app is currently only available in India, any creator can create short videos without it, and we'll show you how. In order for the video to be displayed in the mobile YouTube application among YouTube Shorts, the following points must be met:

1. Shoot vertical video.

2. The length of the video must not exceed 60 seconds.

3. The name of the video must not exceed 40 characters.

4. The title and description of the video must contain “#Shorts”.

If you publish a video that meets all the points, then YouTube will recognize it and classify it as a YouTube Shorts. Don't worry if your video doesn't appear in YouTube Shorts immediately after publishing, YouTube sometimes takes longer to recognize your video and add it to Shorts, the process may take a few days. When YouTube recognizes your video, it will include it in YouTube Shorts and create a new video category "short videos" on your channel. While a video is rated as a Shorts, it can appear as a regular video on your channel, but at this point you just need to wait for the video to be rated by YouTube to be classified as a Shorts.

After the arrival of the YouTube Shorts application worldwide, their creation and publication will definitely be easier. The application will have various functions such as adding music, changing the video speed or timer. Well, there's no reason to wait. Become a pioneer, be among the first to use the feature even without an app and get its benefits.


If you know how Tik Tok videos or Reels on Instagram work, then creating Shorts on YouTube will not be a problem for you. Short videos under 60 seconds are a big trend in content creation on the internet and it's great to see YouTube following this trend. Let's take a look at why you should start making YouTube Shorts.


YouTube Shorts are recommended to all users on the platform, allowing you to reach a wider audience outside of your community. The "subscribe" button, located at the bottom of the short video, is also helpful in gaining new fans, making it as easy as possible for users to start watching new YouTube channels.


The huge advantage of Shorts is the fact that they can be created by any creator regardless of the number of subscribers. Whether you have 50 or 50,000 subscribers, YouTube allows you to create short videos. We see this as a great opportunity for small YouTube channels to reach a wider audience and grow thanks to the new video format.


When YouTube introduces a new function, it is in its interest to popularize the new feature and get it among the largest number of users. The algorithm prioritizes these features and spreads the content that was created through the new features. Whether it's YouTube Stories or Shorts, these are relatively new formats that YouTube is currently trying to popularize, and by using them you can become more visible.

Short videos on YouTube get high views and have a high potential to go viral, which can help you get your YouTube channel discovered by new viewers. Be creative, persistent and don't be afraid to experiment. Take full advantage of the features offered by YouTube and we'll keep our fingers crossed for you on your YouTube journey. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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